About us

Department of Literature

About us

About fifty persons are currently part of the staff at the Department of Literature. The department is located in the old Fysikum building in the English Park Campus.

The department is governed by a departmental board, with the head of department as chair person. Among its members are elected staff and student representatives.

What we do

The department is one of the leading Swedish research settings within its fields. Scholarly interests are wide. Six focus areas are defined: Eighteenth-Century Studies, Empirical Reading Literacy StudiesHistory of Rhetoric, Literature and GenderSwedish Literature Worldwide and Textual Criticism.

Our Section for Sociology of Literature is the only one of its kind in Scandinavia.

About a fourth of the research output deals with non-Swedish literature and rhetoric.

Studies at both undergraduate and graduate levels are generally conducted in Swedish. However, published dissertations and other publications are frequently written in English and occasionally in other languages.

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