Sarah Allison: “Victorian Literature, Digital Humanities, and various modes of reading”

The Higher Seminar in Literature

“Victorian Literature, Digital Humanities, and various modes of reading”. Some reflections by Dr. Sarah Allison (Loyolya University New Orleans)

Informal reception after the seminar

Chair: Svedjedal

Sarah Allison, Assistant Professor at Dept. of English, Loyola University New Orleans, received her PhD from Stanford University in 2012. She specializes in Romantic and Victorian literature, with a particular focus on debates about the purpose of art–what writers in the period thought literature should teach, and how. She has co-authored three pamphlets on quantitative studies of literary style with the Stanford Literary Lab. Her research combines close reading at the level of the sentence with digital searches that trace patterns across large bodies of work. In a forthcoming book, Reductive Reading, she discusses the challenges and opportunities in the digital analysis of texts.