Emma Clery: "Reintroducing Mary Wollstonecraft: the Linnaeus Connection"

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Engelska parken 6-0023
  • Organiser: Department of Literature and Uppsala Interdisciplinary 18th Century Seminar
  • Contact person: Tim Berndtsson
  • Seminarium

The Uppsala Interdisciplinary Eighteenth-Century Seminar

Emma Clery is Professor of English Literature at the Department of English, Uppsala University. She has for a long time studied British literature in the eighteenth- and early nineteenth century. She is currently writing a volume on Mary Wollstonecraft for the Very Short Introductions series, published by Oxford University Press. The lecture will be based on the draft to one of the volume's chapters.

Participants in the seminar are encouraged to read this text, which will serve as the basis for discussion. The text will be available from November 23rd, and can be requested from Tim Berndtsson. It is no requirement to read the text ahead of the seminar, but we do hope that as many as possible will have the opportunity to do so.