Gästföreläsning - Robert Hariman

Robert Hariman, School of Communication, Northwestern University, USA: "On Photographic realism and imagination"


Robert Hariman gästar även

Örebro universitet - 1 september: "On Photography and Violence". Kontakta Brigitte Mral (brigitte.mral@oru.se) för lokal och exakt tid.

Södertörn Högskola - 2 september, 14.00-16.00, rum MA636: "On Photography and Modernity".

Robert Hariman's lecture takes up the central predicament in understanding photography, which is that the recorded image is both realistic and artistic.  He argues that twentieth-century critique advanced an unduly reductive and pessimistic conception of both realism and the imagination, and that one result has been the retreat to an implicit doctrine of literalism that inhibits civic spectatorship.  What is needed instead is a reinvigorated realism that requires a stronger conception of the photographic imagination, which is a way of seeing beyond ordinary observation or conventional belief.  Hariman provides several examples of how photojournalism achieves that standard frequently.  Such images guide spectators to extend the scope of what they see, and do so through use of both distance and empathy along with many other artistic techniques, including even the idealization associated with commercial photography.  Through the complex intertwining of what was and what might be, the public image becomes capable of invoking photography’s democratic vision.