Anneli Bowie: "A Case Study"

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken - 6-K1005 (Mallas salong)
  • Arrangör: Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen
  • Kontaktperson: Mats Rosengren
  • Seminarium

Allmänna seminariet - Retorik

Anneli Bowie, University of Pretoria och gästdoktorand på Uppsala universitet: "A Case Study"

Ordförande: Mats Rosengren

In this seminar Anneli Bowie will present a case study as part of her PhD study, in which she applies the theory of Kenneth Burke in the analysis and critique of contemporary interface aesthetics trends. 

In order to explore rhetorical and dialectical dimensions of stylistic design trends, this case study examines three recent developments in user interface design: skeuomorphism, flat design, and material design (popularised by the three technology giants, Apple, Microsoft and Google, respectively).

The text will be made available by December 27. E-mail