Dag Blanck: ”Migration and Modernity: Towards Understanding the Swedish American Relationship”

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken - Eng6-0031
  • Arrangör: Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen
  • Kontaktperson: Anna Williams
  • Seminarium

Allmänna seminariet - Litteraturvetenskap

En av två föreläsningar i anslutning till workshopen ”The Dynamics and Contexts of Cultural Transfers” vid Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen.

Dag Blanck, docent och föreståndare vid Svenska institutet för nordamerikastudier, Uppsala universitet: ”Migration and Modernity: Towards Understanding the Swedish American Relationship”.

Ordf.: Williams

Presentation av "The Dynamics and Contexts of Cultural Transfers"
The second U4-workshop (a collaboration  between the universities of Ghent, Groningen, Göttingen and Uppsala) seeks to examine the nature and consequences of cultural flows and transfers. The meeting will discuss ways in which cultural, social and political/ideological elements cross both national and cultural boundaries, how they are changed and how they affect the cultural contexts in which they arrive. Processes of translation and adaptation play an important role, as do the roles which different actors —governmental, academic, and artistic—play. Specific research questions deal with processes of reception, translations and canonization of literary and artistic works, trans-national cultural transformations, the role of the academic study of national cultures outside the homeland, the constructions of cultural and national images, and public and cultural diplomacy.