Knowledge production and power across time and space

Terminsavslutningsseminarium för forskningsnoden "Vetenskap, validering, partiella perspektiv. Kunskapsproduktion bortom normerna."


Preliminary Schedule

13.00–13.15 Introduction

13.15–13.45 Mats Rosengren, Prof. of Rhetorics at Uppsala university, speaks about doxa in the Western philosophical tradition from Plato and Protagoras

13.45–14.00 Discussion

14.00–14.15 Fruit

14.15–14.45 Jyoti Atwal, Associate prof. of Modern history at the University of New Delhi, India, speaks about the processes of knowledge-production among dalit (chaste-less) women in modern time

14.45–15.00 Discussion

15.00–15.15 Coffee

15.15–15.45 Annelie Bränström Öhman, Prof. of Literature at Umeå University, speaks about the ecofeminist production of knowledge in Swedish author Sara Lidman’s authorship  

15.45–16.00 Discussion

Drinks and snacks