Öppen workshop - Hidden Within

  • Datum: –18.00
  • Plats: Centrum för Genusvetenskap, nedre seminarirummet (KWB), Villavägen 6, Botaniska trädgården
  • Kontaktperson: May-Britt Öhman
  • Seminarium

Öppen workshop: "Hidden Within: Stories from Australian Students Studying Indigenous Knowledges Meet Sámi Perspectives"


The University of Adelaide introduced Indigenous Knowledges as a major within a Bachelor of Arts in 2014. Ten Indigenous and non-Indigenous students are now in their second year and have travelled to Sweden to share knowledge with Sámi scholars, community and parliamentarians as well as other interested people. Hidden Within is the theme of their host gift. Designed by Indigenous artist-in-residence and scholar Conrad Blackman it is a clever 3-dimensional dot painting that hides the image of a snake within its points. The students will tell their stories of studying Indigenous Knowledges alongside their other disciplines such as psychological sciences, arts, International Development and social sciences. The snake is an important creation and lore creature within Australian Indigenous spiritually known as the Dreaming. In the artworks the snake can be seen if you change your visual perspective just as Indigenous Knowledges can be understood and used to create a better way of life if you fearlessly make room within your paradigm of knowing and being.

Arrangerad av forskningsnoden "Vetenskap, validering, partiella perspektiv. Kunskapsproduktion bortom normerna.", forskargruppen Technoscience vid Centrum för genusvetenskap, Uppsala universitet, Samelands fria universitet och Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education, University of Adelaide