Inger Zachrisson: "South Saami prehistory in Mid-Scandinavia"

  • Datum: –20.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken - Eng2-1077
  • Arrangör: Forskningsnoden "Vetenskap, validering, partiella perspektiv. Kunskapsproduktion bortom normerna."
  • Kontaktperson: Ann-Sofie Lönngren
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Öppen föreläsning arrangerad av forskningsnoden "Vetenskap, validering, partiella perspektiv. Kunskapsproduktion bortom normerna."


Inger Zachrisson, Uppsala universitet: "South Saami prehistory in Mid-Scandinavia: from invisible or questioned, to diversity and genetics. Sources, criteria and culture fixation"

In the Nordic countries there were from at least the Late Stone Age two great cultural traditions, the early Saami and the Scandinavian, one in the northeast and the other in the south-west. Archaeologists in Norway now want to use a more diversified model. The new project «Atlas of prehistoric peoples’ genome in Sweden» studies core DNA in skeletal remains, combining archaeology, osteology and isotope analysis, into a new contextual framework. The archaeological, written and linguistic materials of Mid-Scandinavia from AD 1-1300 show increasing contacts between Saami people and Scandinavians. I will discuss the different criteria for ascribing material to the South Saami, as well as the fixation of Saami culture to the Viking Age, and what it indicates.