Paisley Livingston: “Explicating ‘creativity’”

  • Datum: –15.00
  • Plats: Engelska parken - Mallas salong (Eng6-K1005)
  • Arrangör: Litteraturvetenskapliga institutionen
  • Kontaktperson: Torsten Pettersson
  • Seminarium

Allmänna seminariet – Litteraturvetenskap

Paisley Livingston, Lingnan University, Hong Kong; Lektor in Philosophy, University of Copenhagen; and Visiting Professor at Uppsala University: “Explicating ‘creativity’: what is it and is it necessarily a good thing?”

Ordf.: Pettersson

Paisley Livingston is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, Lektor in Philosophy, the University of Copenhagen, and currently Visiting Professor at Uppsala University. A major international figure in the field of aesthetics, he displays both philosophical acumen and a command of a wide variety of art forms. His numerous publications include contributions to authoritative encyclopedias as well as Art and Intention (2005; part of the doctoral curriculum in Literature) and Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman: On Film as Philosophy (2009). His presentation at the doctoral seminar of Literature is summarized as follows: “Taking as its point of departure the oft-repeated claim that creativity is valuable novelty, this presentation explores various ways in which the components of that broad claim can be understood and assessed. To that end, different senses of ‘novelty’ are identified and compared with regard to their relevance to the explication of ‘creativity’. The explication proposed and defended in the presentation construes ‘creativity’ as referring to actions and achievements manifesting novelty in the use of an effective new means to some end, where the novelty condition is satisfied by a person’s initial devising of some successful means to an end without relying on knowledge of anyone else’s prior use of that means. The well-entrenched interest in a stronger kind of novelty – what Robert K. Merton called ‘priority’ as opposed to ‘originality’ – is also considered.”