Frida Buhre and colleagues receive grant from the British Academy


Frida Buhre is a participating researcher in a new Global Convening Program, named "The Times of a Just Transition" and funded by the British Academy. The program is led by Keri Facer, University of Bristol, and Nomi Lazar, University of Ottawa, and it will investigate how temporal frames can contribute to more just climate change transitions, for example on how different groups in society face of slow or fast transitions, how they view radical changes, which timelines are felt to be relevant and how we can synchronize human time perspectives with the climate and the environment. Buhre will focus on how Sámi perspectives on loss, memory and expectations can contribute with a deeper understanding of how temporal frameworks guide our approach to a just transition.

More information is available on the web site of the British Academy.

Frida Buhre. Photo: Helena Lehmus.


Last modified: 2024-02-01