The Uppsala Interdisciplinary Eighteenth-Century Seminar Series

The illustration is part of Frederick Calvert 6th Lord Baltimore, Gaudia poetica (1770). UUB, Sv. rar. 10:906.

The Interdisciplinary Eighteenth Century Seminar is a meeting place for exploring the eighteenth century, in Sweden and in the world. We aim to gather lecturers and audience across disciplinary, generational, and geographical boundaries, for critical conversations about questions important to eighteenth-century research today. Our ambition is to shape an environment in which the traditionally strong eighteenth-century research at Uppsala University is both preserved and renewed.


The seminar was founded in 1995 by Marie-Christine Skuncke and is today organized by Otto Fischer, Tim Berndtsson and Jules Kielmann. If you want to receive information about upcoming events, or about 18th-century studies in general, please contact


Last modified: 2023-03-16