Section for Rhetoric

At the Section for Rhetoric, society and culture are studied from a communicative point of view. The modern science of rhetoric is about investigating the role of language and communication in politics, culture, and society. How do we humans use language and symbols to influence each other? How do we become who we are through the rhetoric we use and are exposed to? These are some of the questions that are at the center of the department's research and education.

The Section for Rhetoric was founded in the 1980s by Kurt Johannesson, who also held Sweden's first professorship in the subject. Rhetoric is an independent subject at the Department of Literature: we offer education at the bachelor, graduate, and postgraduate level, and conduct research.

Research in rhetoric at Uppsala University is both historically and theoretically oriented. It covers topics ranging from ancient argumentative art and early modern rhetorical culture to contemporary political rhetoric and rhetorical anthropology.

At the research seminars in Rhetoric, the latest research findings are presented, both by the department's researchers and by invited guests. Read more about the research in rhetoric on the Ongoing Research page and on the websites of the individual researchers and doctoral students.

Section Head

Head of Section and Contact: Mats Rosengren

Last modified: 2023-06-30